"Next Generation" biometric identification and authentication solutions combine robust enterprise-ready architecture with the cost-savings and easy administration of a flexible cloud platform and the ability to use a wide range of end-user or generic market hardware options for facial recognition.  

Internet native architecture, minimal incremental hardware, and exceptional authentication speed and accuracy combine to deliver better performance and ROI of initial deployment and lower long-term TCO vs. leading fingerprint, palm, vein-scan, or traditional timecard swipe or token solutions.


NEXT-GEN Mobile-ready, robust cloud-based platform provides delay-free identity matching.

ENTERPRISE SCALABILITY Cloud-based web services enables real-time data exchange and easy user integration.

FRAUD PROTECTION High security encryption and digital signatures deliver superior protection against fraud.

LOW-COST HARDWARE Most secure, least hardware-dependent verification and facial biometric solution.

ADMIN & DATA MANAGEMENT Flexible, browser-based data management enables multi-user data access through secure private cloud architecture.

LOW-COST SOFTWARE Disruptive software license model offers lowest annual fees and lowest start-up/training fees.


Next-Generation Time and Attendance Solution Enterprise requirements demand the ability to filter thousands or millions of identities in real-time. An encrypted enterprise-level cloud-based platform is needed for delay-free identity matching. Face Value Technologies (FVT) makes passwords, PINs, tokens, card-swipes, Bluetooth/beacons, and palm print technologies obsolete with lower-TCO verification alternative.

Enterprise Scalability FVT solutions are highly scalable web services that are designed using scalable real-time data exchange. Modern architecture gives robust performance and ease of user integration using REST (Representational State Transfer) or SOAP (Standard Access Object Protocol). Your solution resides in our secure cloud. We support customer cloud alternatives. Service level agreements can be used to assure quick response on identification requests.

Superior Authentication and Fraud Protection Extensive security features including encryption and digital signatur es. Superior protection against fraud vs. fingerprint scanners that can be exposed to counterfeit fingerprints made with latex, silicone, rubber, gelatin, Plasticine, Kapton, transparent film, paper, Play-Doh, or graphite.

Sanitary, All-Weather, Reliable Performance Performance gaps in non-biometric or other, non-facial biometric solutions: Fingerprint, palm print and memory-based PIN/keypad solutions require optimal environmental conditions (weather, dirt, gloves) or require expensive support to process. Overcoming performance gaps in non-biometric or other, non-facial biometric solutions, FVT’s Facial recognition is the most accessible, reliable, and easy to use protocol for identification. Lower transaction support vs. alternatives also translates into savings and lower TCO.

Flexible Data Management Multiple corporate data consumers may subscribe to the employee time punch data. Secure private cloud architecture assures data privacy and availability. You do not need your IT department to back up data. Same infrastructure supports interaction with your customers with speeding workflow and loyalty programs being two areas of high interest.

Fast and Easy Systems Administration Browser based central administration with a single Super User that can delegate responsibilities to local Administrators for ease of implementation of corporate workflow and operational controls. Browser based central reporting for reporting company wide numbers or subsets as requested. Enrollment locations can be permissioned by the Super ADMIN to include either a central location and/or each field location.

Efficient Software License and Maintenance Costs High-cost of competitive solutions require integration of proprietary software plus hardware bundles and expensive mandatory service contracts. FVT solutions offer low-cost annual license fees, start-up/training fees that are a fraction of that for market leaders, and are so easy to integrate and maintain there’s no need for ongoing maintenance contracts.


Quick-Start Options:  For convenience Face Value Technologiesalso provides the below device and accompanying mounting bracket for fast and easy mobile registration (manager) and authentication (workers) along with site-based fixed terminals. Listed Nexus 7 Tablet from Google pricing includes tablet hardware, pre-installed and QA-tested FVT software, shipping and fulfillment.

Software Device License Included:  In addition to offering cutting-edge hardware from ASUS we provide access to the Face Value Technologies Time & Attendance application, 1-year secure cloud services and support, unlimited reporting & integrations along with leading software from GoogleTM, the Nexus 7 delivers performance in a slim and portable package.

Flexible Options:  Android tablets are the most popular and cost effective interactive terminal option available but Windows desktop, iOS, MAC & Linux are also supported.  Depending on the device selected an auxiliary camera and auxiliary lighting may be necessary.

Customization:  Face Value Technologies also allows customers to utilize their own hardware by designing hardware-independent software solutions for pre-existing verification and other facial biometric installations.  We will work with you to find the best device for your environment and needs.