BioWedge Finger Scan ID Plug-In

Revolutionizing ID Scanner Solutions!

The BioWedge™ is a biometric USB fingerprint scanner powered solution that replaces ID card scanners & PIN entry systems for Windows based solutions. The USB fingerprint Scanner system is extremely quick & accurate. With a simple touch of a finger or thumb, the BioWedge™ transforms into a fingerprint or thumb print scanner for enrollment & identification purposes. The BioWedge fingerprint reader and thumb print scanner can handle up to 20,000 enrollees! With BioWedge's card-less check-in, enrollees never need to carry identification - all that's required is a fingertip or thumb!

An easy 10 minute Install plug-in system that works with your software!
Unrivaled Security

Both managers & members can rest assured that BioWedge's biometric images cannot be used by law enforcement. Only a mathematical algorithm remains in the system after registration - not fingerprint images. In addition, BioWedge™ is capable of linking to most payment software systems for in-house charges & purchases on pre-stored credit card & debit cards.

Benefits of BioWedge™
  • Customer Convenience - No PINs to forget or cards to misplace.
  • Cut Costs - Save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year in ID card issue/replacement costs.
  • Secured Access - Only registered guests & employees are able to gain access.
  • Ease-of-use - Enrollment is simple and, once in the system, BioWedge™ is able to accurately identify enrollees within 1.5 seconds.
  • Large Capacity - Capable of identifying up to 20,000 enrollees.
  • No Maintenance! No SDK.
  • Software Compatible - Will work with your systems existing software - simply plug-in the BioWedge™ via USB.
The BioWedge™ Finger Scanner is simply the world's best identification system. Easy-to-use & integrate...the applications are limitless!