Biometric PLC Access

BiometricPLCAccess is an all encompassing IP Access Control Solution that also handles all device management tasks for biometric units. It simplifies the entire process from user enrollment right down the nuts and bolts of allowing/rejecting access. BiometricPLCAccess is a requirement for biometric PLC integration in the following ways:

  • Distributes fingerprint templates from a central location to all of the relevant biometric devices. Enroll a user once.
  • Can be used to monitor the machine attached to the PLC. (e.g, is the machine on/off)
  • Can set a maximum time for the machine to be on at a time and raise an alarm if the machine has been on for longer than a specified time.
  • Allows user assignment to specific devices.
  • Can setup access schedules for a user (e.g. what time of the day the user is allowed to work on a machine based on their shifts.
  • Define threat levels to require multiple levels of authentication at different times of the day. (e.g. Use biometric only during the day and require card and fingerprint at night and over weekends)
  • Implementation of duress fingerprint, allowing a user to enroll an extra finger to set off an event when the duress finger is placed. An external system can be notified for example or alarm raised.
  • Automatically configures new devices to send the identifier to the PLC on the RS485/422 port. (As well as other configurations are handled automatically)
  • Training procedures can be incorporated to allow access at a machine only when a training program has been completed for that piece of equipment. (Compliance)
  • Custom display messages can be setup to show users why they are being rejected (e.g. Someone has exceeded their allowed work time on a machine)
  • External system can be used for requesting access for a specific user before the identifier is sent to the PLC.
  • Can be used as a single system for all access control requirements on a site including doors.